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Game News
Guild News

New League Bank Rules

lantern_bow, Dec 10, 12 12:23 PM.
Hello League,

I have updated the league bank on 12/10/2012.

New Bank Rules
So all bank items have had their values reduced.  From now on you will gain points just for sending in items.  Here is the point table below:

Collections - 1 point
R&D Components - 1 point
Focusing Elements - 1/2/3 Points
Plans - 5/10/16/20
Iconics - Depends on item level.  You will receive an e-mail with what the amount you received.
Exobits - 16 per stack or 2 for singles
Exobytes -  64 points per stack or 8 for singles.

Those are also the only types of items we accept.

League Bank and League Medals

lantern_bow, Nov 21, 12 9:31 AM.

How would you feel about having a league bank?  Which items would you want the league bank to store?  Exobytes, iconics, collections?  The system I was thinking of using is a point system.  Each item will be worth a total number of points.  If you have to trade in your points to get the item.  You ask how do you get points, simple by sending in items! 

League medals, I want you guys to be able to earn league medals on the site.  I need some ideas for them.  Should they be posted next to your name?

GU 21

lantern_bow, Nov 17, 12 11:27 AM.
League Members,
Today they have started testing GU21. I will be updating as they update.  So far here are the changes coming:

Game Update 21:

New Legends PvP & Arena PvP Map!
Legendary members and owners of DLC “Hand of Fate” will now be able to play the Inner Sanctum in Arena PvP and Legends PvP. 

Introducing Auto Loot!
Players no longer need to gather their own loot if they have space in their inventory. All loot, including but not limited to Exobits, Collections, Research and Development items, Mission drops, and Boss drops is now auto-magically gathered for you when it drops. If your inventory is full you will receive a message that you must clear space in your inventory to receive your loot.

Combat Rating Requirement for Boss Loot
All Tier 2 through Tier 4 Challenges, Duos, Alerts, and Raids now only award tiered loot drops to players that meet the Combat Rating requirement.  Players who do not meet the minimum Combat Rating will still earn Marks of Triumph, Marks of War, and Cash when appropriate, but will not be eligible to roll on gear.

PC Test Only:   Marketplace Legends Hal Jordan and Sinestro are available on the PC Test vendor.


  • Arkham Asylum
    • Poison Ivy will no longer lose the will to fight.
    • The final encounter with Mister Freeze, Poison Ivy, and the Scarecrow will now award appropriately tiered Research and Development Plans, and Components.
  • League of Assassins: Ra's al Ghul will now award appropriately tiered Research and Development Plans and Components.
  • Stryker’s Island Penitentiary: The final encounter with Gorilla Grodd will now award appropriately tiered Research and Development Plans and Components.


  • Old Gotham Subway: Bosses in this challenge now have a chance to drop Tier 2 Research and Development plans.


  • Tier 3 alerts now have a random daily bonus.  Players who complete the daily tier 3 alert will receive a bonus 50 Marks of Triumph.
  • The Booster Gold exploration terminals will no longer cause players to become stuck in an endless cut-scene.


  • The Mark of Legend x 5 box will now award the five Marks of Legend directly to the players currency, instead of awarding five individual Mark of Legend items in the inventory.


  • Queen of Lies: The Trident of Poseidon will now ground players attempting to escape its grasp.
  • Lair of the Spectre: While in Spectre form, ranged attacks will work properly.


  • Headquarters Assault:  The match timer will no longer count down during the opening cut scene.


  • The Chasm: Superman and Lex Luthor should be better travel companions after defeating the Sunstone Herald.
  • The Chasm: Krypto’s Freeze Breath encasement no longer gives you hope of an early escape.


  • Checkmate Informant: The chest piece no longer causes visual issues when equipped with certain weapon types.
  • Kabuki Mask:  This style no longer causes a visual issue when worn by female characters.


  • Character Select:  Player selected backgrounds should now persist when creating a new character or re-launching the game.
  • Once More With Rockets: Radical Rocket Randy’s attacks now appear correctly in the Combat Log.
  • Style:  The Save and Reset buttons now function properly.
  • Also, the winter event will be coming in GU 21 and will be made available on PC Test next week.

League Ranks and Promotions

lantern_bow, Nov 7, 12 6:44 PM.
First off I want to welcome you to The International Justice Society.    I believe the first issue I will post about is Ranks & Promotions.  When you first ask or get asked to join the IJS you are set at the rank of Candidate until you successfully register on the site.  You then will automatically will be set to Trainee when an Officer sees you have registered.   Lets start with the members ranks first.  Here they are:

Honor Guard

Already mentioned above was told how to go from Candidate to Trainee.  So what about Trainee to Member?   If you ask an Officer to evaluate you at your role, they should tag along for either a duo, alert, or something to see how well you are at your role.  If you are well enough and don't make mistakes you can get prompted.  You could get prompted to Member or Honor Guard.  Now if you keep getting wiped and stuff like that, they may keep you at trainee and tell you try again in a certain about a days.  Also they make ask in the Officer forums for what rank to set you at.

Now once your reach Honor Guard your next promotion would bring you into the officer ranks.  You have to decide if you want to become an officer and if  you can handle all the tasks for it.  Officers handle a lot of side stuff, from inviting new members, tagging along for member promotions, to supporting ideas, to raiding, to alerting, and everything else.   Now below are the Officer Ranks:


Now your asking what is the process of becoming a Lieutenant from Honor Guard?  At this point the league knows your good at your role.  A general or Colonel would look at the total number of people in the league and total number of Lieutenants and see if we need more or not.  If we need more, we will notify you and request to talk.  If you pass, you get prompted.  Now what about  to the next rank?  Like Lieutenant to Captain or Captain to Major or Major to Colonel?  Well that would take a similar process, but we'd also include how much you have done for the league.  If your just an officer who sets around, why should you get promoted over someone who is very active within in the league.

I hope you guys enjoy the base of the promotion system. 

Lantern Bow - Founder
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